Kittl vs Canva: Everything You Need to Know about Design Tools

Design platforms make it simple for newbies to create and design projects. Free design tools are available to help small businesses that cannot afford to hire a graphic designer to create their designs. Such platforms for design will still be popular in 2024. Canva is one rather well-known website of this kind. With millions of users able to develop their creative skills, Canva is the best designer platform. We think Canva is here to stay because it has helped small businesses thrive as well. Still, another promising designer platform is Kittl.

We shall talk on

  • Kittl vs Canva
  • Compare Canva vs Kittl
  • The final verdict

I have thus included a brief guide covering the functions of Canva and Kittl, two well-known graphic creation platforms. I’ve compared them as well to make your selection easier.

What is Canva?

Users all around the world use Canva to produce bespoke graphics. Social media postings, presentations, fliers, videos, brand packages, and other uses are all served by these expert designs. Anyone without any prior graphic design knowledge can use this free platform, as can brands. In 2012 Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams founded Canva. Since then, its wide feature set and user-friendly interface have helped it to become successful and well-liked by the general people. Canva allows you to make designs fast and simply.

Features of Canva

Kittl vs Canva

Kittl vs Canva

Being one of the most widely used design programs, Canva provides a large number of features:

  • Drag-and-drop interface: Canva promises an intuitive design to improve user experience. Even individuals without design skills may easily create amazing designs with Canva by dragging and dropping components onto their creations.
  • Customizable elements: Along with a huge library of editable elements, Canva offers graphics, colors, and fonts. Users can thus produce original, tailored designs that meet their requirements.
  • Collaboration: Canva facilitates teamwork by giving users a collaborative platform where they may include others in their working creations.
  • Numerous templates: Canva provides over 25,000 templates for different design uses. Users can effortlessly and without starting from scratch produce designs that seem professional with the help of this template collection.

Cost-effective, time-saving, user-friendly, and with collaborative tools, Canva offers several advantages.

What is Kittl? Features and Benefits

Another well-liked and feature-rich design software is Kittl. Since its founding in 2020, Kittl has been more and more well-liked among makers. Kittl is made to support you in realizing your ambitions of producing beautiful designs if you are interested in entering the design industry without any expertise. To designers worldwide, Kittl offers a more user-friendly design platform.

Although Kittl vs Canva has many similar features, one of the most noteworthy is its vast collection of design templates and how users may select the best one for their project. Social media posts, fliers, brochures, t-shirt designs, and even race vehicle templates are available for selection. Making the templates distinctive by altering the language and colors makes anyone a template designer.

Furthermore, Kittl gives a range of tools for text editing, image editing, and form editing so that users may quickly add and modify design components as needed.


Benefits of Kittl include:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordability
  • Extensive library
  • Beginner-friendly

Kittl VS Canva Comparison

Kittl VS Canva You see that both designer platforms are somewhat similar now. Anyone starting as a designer or a marketing strategist would be at first perplexed by these two sites. I have therefore thoroughly researched both systems. I’ve conducted a lot of comparisons to enable you to choose the greatest option for your interests and make an educated choice about your design requirements.


When you examine the basics of both Canva and Kittl, they are both DIY platforms. Both platforms let producers produce projects that seem professional on numerous types of content. Each platform has a similar, very easy-to-learn interface along with a variety of templates, design elements, and collaboration features.

The main design capability difference is that Kittl is more constrained in this area than Canva since it does not let you crop or mask designs. Canva also offers readily assembled product mockup ideas, which Kittl does not. Conversely, you can alter and modify text in more ways with Kittl than you can with Canva.

AI Features:

As artificial intelligence (AI) takes over the design world, it gets harder to tell the difference between images made by AI and those made by humans. As AI design trends continue to grow, both Canva and Kittl have built AI technology into their platforms so that customers can use it. Canva and Kittl both offer a range of tools for starting from scratch when making designs using AI technologies. The basic plan for Kittl Design only gives users 15 AI credits. Users who subscribe to a more complete plan, on the other hand, can use more AI credits. But Canva gives away 50 AI points for free, though some of them require you to sign up for an account outside of Canva.


  • In 2023 Canva unveiled its Magic Studio, a suite of AI-powered tools.
  • For some AI services, users of the base plan have 50 AI credits.
  • Text-to-image and text-to-video conversions are made possible via the Magic Studio tools.
  • Users can get a general AI makeover with Magic Design.
  • And there’s Magic Erase, which takes things or people out of pictures in an instant.
  • External AI design tools are also provided by many Canva-integrated apps for producing voiceovers and video avatars built by AI. 


  • Inside its platform is an AI art generator called Kittl.
  • A diamond symbol launches text-to-image generators.
  • But there are just fifteen credits in the basic edition.
  • Use of text-to-image or logo generators, or the creation of editable images, require AI credits.
  • Among the other AI-based applications are a quotation generator and a background removal tool.
  • For free assets, Kittle offers an image collection produced by AI.

Pricing Plans:

In addition to paying subscriptions with more sophisticated features, Kittl and Canva also have free plans with rather restricted features.

Canva provides several features together with a straightforward three-tiered price structure. Canva Teams cost about $149.90 a month, while Canva Pro just $12.99. You can use the premium layouts, graphics, and other components of Canva.

Kittl charges different prices and has its way of setting prices. It comes with a free plan and a paid plan. Kittl has deals that start at $10 a month. With the individual Kittl Pro plan, users get 100 AI credits every month, as well as more saving space and project limits. This plan is great for people who only need simple editing and access to features. The $24-a-month expert package is for professionals who can make drawings without any limits. The final business plan is to get teams to build a powerful visual design engine platform that can be priced to fit each user’s needs and allow multiple users to access from a single account.

Looking at both, Kittl’s free plan is more constrained than Canva’s. High-resolution or HD photos cannot be exported, and the designs or photos lack business licenses, thus crediting must be given. Remarkably, the cost of both pro versions is about the same—roughly $120 annually.

Text Effects:

When designing to raise the general visual appeal of a design, text effects are quite important. In this sense, let us compare Canva with Kittl.

Kittl vs Canva

Kittl vs Canva

Although it is usually more basic, Canva provides a free version of text effects in designs. There are few further customizing choices; the only two are text straightening and curve addition. It is thus only appropriate for people who want to create simple text effects for flyers, cover designs, and social media postings.

By comparison to Canva, Kittl offers significantly more sophisticated text effects. With so many text customizing choices, users can produce more visually pleasing designs. Here fonts, transformations, and other effects are more within the designer’s control. Text effects choices are where Kittl shines over Canva Read more….

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